do you ever ...

feel bored with your look?

feel uninspired, style confused, maybe even dressed up and not in your own skin?

wonder how others might look so confident in what they wear while pulling off an outfit is your worst nightmare?

struggle to shop for clothes because nothing seems to be right for you?

feel like you have already tried everything but being stylish is just not for you?

feel overwhelmed with your wardrobe?

keep wearing the same outfit over and over again?

shop clothes that end up sitting in your closet unworn?

... then you are ready to elevate your personal style! 

Style Review SESSION

Become effortlessly stylish! 

Reveal your own authentic style which truly reflects who you are!

This style review session is the quickest way for recognizing or  re-connecting with your true style. It will give you clarity on what styles and colors flatters your complexion and body shape the most. Knowing your style is a crucial starting point for updating your overall look and boosting your confidence level. Just think about it - if you know what flatters you the most and what makes you feel the most confident, you will save plenty of time and money by making better shopping decisions and pulling an outfit together with an ease! 

How does it work? 

  • First I get to know your sense of style and where you are with your style at the moment through styling questionnaire and some easy fun assignment. 

  • Later we connect virtually via Zoom to analyze what styles and colors flatter your body the most in alignment with your style preferences, likes and dislikes.

  • Little spoiler to get you even more excited: you will get plenty of perfectly bespoke styling tips and advices

  • As a result of our journey together you will receive your style profile and mood board completely representing the overall vibe of your unique style.

iNVESTMENT - 185 eur

REINVENT Your Wardrobe Package

Get your wardrobe under control. Learn how to translate your style into pieces which you love wearing


This package is for you if you are eager to make a change and ready to work on it! It is perfectly tailored to your needs, unique requirements and I am absolutely flexible with your time restraints. What is it what holds you back from achieving your dream wardrobe full of stylish clothes? To initiate any change, first we talk about your challenges, then we set goals and build completely bespoke road map followed by action plan to keep it moving. In general, the aim is to build working and versatile wardrobe which is in harmony with your style and lifestyle. 

How does it work? 

  • Before we set the style goals, you will be asked to fill in the virtual questionnaire. Together we will collaborate on visual board which will serve as a style inspiration for setting the style direction.

  • Then we will proceed with body shape and color analysis as a part of personal style discovery.

  • Later on we will zoom in into your current style in order to understand what works well, what does not work and what needs change and most importantly why. We will do so through analyzing your wardrobe and lifestyle. You not only gain clarity on what you own but we also use your existing clothes to put together new outfit combinations that you fall in love with them again.

  • We decide what pieces stay and remove items that no longer work for you.

  • To fill the gaps of missing pieces in your wardrobe we will create the shopping wish list.

  • You will be introduced to new brands and styles and learn plenty of styling tips and tricks.

The time involved depends on your style situation, the size of your wardrobe and the goal we plan to achieve.  

iNVESTMENT - starting at 380 eur