Style Review

Style review is a crucial starting point for understanding, recognizing or re-connecting with your true style. Through 3 individual sessions, we zoom in to different aspects of style fundamentals and reveal the basis of your unique style. This will enable you to update your overall look and boost your confidence level.  

Style personality

Style personality

This session is essential if you find it difficult to express yourself and are confused about what clothes suit you. It brings clarity to the overall vibe of your unique style through understanding you and your deeply personal likes and preferences.


What is included? 

  •  60 min virtual or in-person 1 on 1 session

  •  Style personality profile


125 EUR

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Color Analysis

Color analysis is all about defining a palette of colors that work perfectly with your natural characteristics. It is a complementary addition on your way of creating a deeply personalized style, but yet one of the most important components. If you look great, you feel great and ... more confident. I will walk you through the process of discovering the colors that enhance your overall look.


What is included?

  •  60 min virtual or in-person 1 on 1 session

  • Color Analysis 

  • 'Love My Colors' Cheat Sheet (+smartphone friendly version)

  • Personalized advice of how to create color harmony and chose a versatile color palette



210 EUR

Body Proportions

If you expect to be squeezed into some category, labeled by typology to be able to dress according to your body shape, this session might not be right for you. 

I’ll tell you why - I only see one body type, absolutely original - yours! Thus the only ready-to-use formula, which we will come up with, needs to be perfectly bespoke, tailored exclusively for your body type according to your personal preferences and main focus. Although we will use traditional body shape analysis as a starting point, the aim is to use it as a guide, not restriction (unless it would be your priority). I offer you a new perspective on how to flatter your body type (perfectly aligned with your personality) and you will gain an understanding of how different cuts, fabrics, colors and patterns may or may not work for you. Certainly, you won’t feel like a prisoner in your own body, you will maintain a positive body image instead. 


What is the outcome? 

  •  60 min virtual or in-person 1 on 1 session

  • Body Proportions Analysis aligned with your style preferences

  • The bespoke formula on how to flatter your body proportions 

  • Understanding of what works, what does not  work for you - I’ll coach you in the right direction 


190 EUR



Get all in one Package

Enjoy the benefit of all 3 sessions as 1 package for an investment of 450 EUR.