7 Things You Need To Know About Working With Your Style Coach

  1. I won’t create a super-fashionable look if that’s not “you”. Instead, I reveal your own unique and authentic style and build a wardrobe based on what suits YOU the most.

  2. I spend three to five sessions with working with you on your “style mindset” before we even get close to any stores.

  3. As we reveal more and more about the stories that are holding you back and your style intentions, you’ll start exploring your own style and begin to change the way you think about yourself. You’ll naturally start experimenting with new things by yourself. Not only will you try out new styles, cuts, colors, accessories, makeup and hairstyles, but you’ll also begin to enjoy the process even if you’ve never been interested in anything related to “fashion” before. This alone is going to change your entire life!

  4. During the sessions, we’ll do some fun exercises, and I’ll regularly challenge you to go out of your comfort zone.

  5. Working with me is like hiring a professional “best friend” who listens to you, wants only the best for you, is always honest with you, never judges you for your “flaws” or shortcomings, and gives her best advice without any hidden agenda. And let’s be honest – real-life best friends are rarely like that!

  6. Together, we will go through your wardrobe, ditch anything that’s not flattering or no longer “on brand”, and plan out what items you need to add.

  7. When we finally go shopping, I’ll make you try things that you’ve never liked in the past - yet you’ll instantly fall in love with them!

  8. I know I said 7 things, but something else you need to know about working with me is that I always give that little bit extra! While Personal Stylists will consider what suits you best based on your body shape or coloring, a Style Coach will help you build an image that’s in line with your personality, lifestyle and reveals your TRUE STYLE as opposed to “just” looking fashionable. In short - a Style Coach helps you to become the best version of yourself inside and out.

Bespoke Style Journey

What is it what you want to achieve? First we talk about your style challenges, set goals and build completely bespoke road map to achive it. Nr of sessions vary, depending on the goal. So the road map is the key, we set actions to let it move towards the dreamed feature. So first we define your style needs,your personality and lifestyle. Your goal might be one of the follloving: 

  • gain confidence in my clothes (Why do you think you lack confidence? 

  • I want to escape from the style rut

  • I want to build a working, capsule, versatile ... whatever wardrobe 

Find my style

  • you are style confused and need to reconnect with your style. Through set of excersizes we will define your unique style as a base for creating a roadmap. 

Or maybe merge those two into one! Bespoke service: You either want to define your own style, or also put it into action - either or that you are at the right place. First we will discuss your style challenge and based on that create a bespoke roadmap and set actions. 

The other service I would offer could be: style me & virtual shopper