Style personality

do you ever ...

do you ever ...

  • feel bored with your look?

  • feel uninspired, style confused, maybe even dressed up and not in your own skin?

  • wonder how others might look so confident in what they wear while pulling off an outfit is your worst nightmare?

  • struggle to shop for clothes because nothing seems to be right for you?

  • feel like you have already tried everything but being stylish is just not for you?

  • feel overwhelmed with your wardrobe?

  • keep wearing the same outfit over and over again?

  • shop clothes that end up sitting in your closet unworn?

... then you are ready to elevate your personal style! 

Reinvent Your Wardrobe

Imagine having a perfectly curated wardrobe full of clothes that you love wearing every day! Imagine pulling the outfit with ease without overthinking your styling choices. And now roll up your sleeves, if you are eager to make a change, and get ready to work on getting your wardrobe under control! 

The time involved depends on your style situation and the size of your wardrobe. For new clients, the journey starts with completing the Style Review. Reoccuring clients use this service regularly to re-define their clothes collection, update their seasonal wardrobe or learn how to make the most out of their current items. 

Pinching the Shirt

How It Works and what is included

If you are a new client, have a look at Style review first or book a free discovery call to find out how we can work together. 

  • Later on, we zoom in into your current style in order to understand what works well, what does not work and what needs change and most importantly why. We will do so by analyzing your wardrobe and lifestyle. You not only gain clarity on what you own but we also use your existing clothes to put together new outfit combinations that you fall in love with them again.

  • We decide what pieces stay and remove items that no longer work for you.

  • To fill the gaps of missing pieces in your wardrobe we will create a shopping wish list.

  • You will be introduced to new brands and styles and learn plenty of styling tips and tricks.


400 EUR