Color Me Virtually!

Color me is all about finding the most flattering colors for your complexion, style and personality! I will walk you through the process of the analysis which reveals the colors that suit your natural appearance. Then we link it to your personal characteristics and preferences. You will learn how to wear different shades, tones and tints confidently, create harmony in your outfits and other styling tips. 

How does it work?

Before our virtual color consultation you will be asked to complete some style homework (no worries it is as easy as pie). Consultation will take place on Zoom and deliverables will be send to your email after the session. 

What will you get?

  • 60 Minutes 1 on 1 Virtual Color Consultation

  • Virtual Color Analysis (PDF version for you to keep)

  • Color Palette Cheat Sheet (smartphone friendly version)

  • Personalized advice of how to make the maximum use of colors and how to chose a versatile color palette for your outfits

iNVESTMENT - 70 eur