... and this is my story

zany poruban


... a certified style expert for real women. I care about style as a tool of expressing your unique personality. My mission is to empower, inspire and guide you towards expressing who you are in what you wear. Because style matters! 

Fashion was always a big part of my life. Ever since I moved to London in 2006. Girl from small (Slovakian) village in a new big world (not just whatever world, but a fashion capital) you can imagine how crazy I went in shops on Oxford street. However back then I haven’t even thought of having my own fashion related business. Dreaming big was only for rich people with connections - I was told. So ...it was just pure fashion itself I was fascinated about. And that period was the breakthrough on the way of shaping my own unique style.


As years went by, I studied, moved to different countries (different continents even), traveled a bit, got a well paid job in a big corporate world … and then it hit me - I was suddenly living the life my parents wanted for me - a “well paid stable job no matter what” one. But it did not satisfy me. At all! 


After being “bombarded” by my friends asking for fashion advice and even strangers approaching me on the streets to compliment my looks, the idea of becoming a fashion blogger arised. I started, I tried, I failed. But I’ve learned a lot. Mainly that this was not for me!


So my mind became occupied (again) with searching for the right meaningful focus which would give my life purpose I was craving for.

That time back in 2017 I was bored with fashion trends and shops offering poor quality for high prices (in terms of what I could effort). I could not find anything which I would truly like or it took me too long to finally get the piece which would barely meet my expectations. 

So voila, I’ve launched my own fashion brand Mirica Bonet. But becoming a mom, having too much on my shoulders, it just was not what I expected it to be. It was much more stressful than joyful and satisfying. So I have not expanded on that yet, I took it as a lifelong project. Paused for now. 


By my second pregnancy, I was still part of corporate life, which’s intensity has left the most negative mark on me. Big corporations in which even the human individual is constantly forced to become a commodity and who’s authentic personality is as nonessential as are now shoulder pads - it was time for me to finally move on for good. 


What do I know for sure? I asked myself (like Oprah would ask if we knew each other).


I am a mother, a wife, I love style and red wine, hate trends and I’d like to wake up every morning confident, proud of who I am, satisfied with a life I am living > that I know for sure! So how do I translate those into a business opportunity? 


With the second baby on the way I somehow started to doubt my personal style. I was looking for answers to “Why did I not feel myself in my clothes anymore?” So my journey as a style coach began - looking for the clues. And the mystery started to fade: 

Becoming a mother means implementing a new persona, new values, new lifestyle. 

There was a new definition of who I was which I did not see. However the need to stay authentic felt important even though the authenticity was shifting.

It was this shift that I had a hard time to accept. I was leaning on my past self, sending spurious messages through my clothes, feeling uncertain about who I was and losing the ability to fully express it.


I was my own client, my styling project.

I accepted the challenge of changing the perception of who I falsely believed I was, through introspection reconnecting with my true self, regaining the confidence again, finding my original  story … and along the way I found a new opportunity. I became a Style Coach™! 

It is tempting to say "the end"! But "the end" is in fact new beginning.

So here I am! Passionate and zealous about inspiring you to manifest your true self and to unleash the confident you! 

Find your unique style, become the best version of yourself!


Style Coach™
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